Matthew Teague

From small town to National stage, Matthew Teague is a world class, award winning American magician based out of Madison, Wisconsin. He has traveled the country performing at thousands of events and he is ready to astonish your guests!


Reggie Rice discovered the World of Magic by what he calls pure "sleight of chance." Since he could walk and talk, this energetic young man has loved making people laugh and smile. He discovered a love for acting, singing, and dancing at an early age, which encouraged Reggie to perform in every school play, talent show, and chorus concert.  Low and behold, it was just preparing him for his future in magic. While most magicians start at an early age, Reggie did not have an opportunity to discover the world of magic and illusions until he received his first magic kit at the age of nineteen. Compared to the professional magicians he has trained under, Reggie is no amateur when it comes to entertaining.

    Reggie got his start in magic by hosting parties at a Family Entertainment Center called Hyperspace Fun Center.  This was the opportunity he needed to see the profound effect magic had on children and adults alike. But his true passion for magic began when he witnessed the charismatic sleight of hand magic by the Master Magician, Giovanni Livera. He learned the goofy, entertaining side of magic from his now good friend, Tom Vorjahan. He referred Reggie to the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention. This opportunity gave him the chance to meet and learn from some of the greatest magicians in the world. For the last 10 years, Reggie has been living the dream as a full-time professional magician, doing shows as far as California.



Reggie Rice

International award-winning entertainer/master magician, author, historian, inventor, film maker and motivational speaker, Kenrick was 10-years old he was given a used magic kit from a second-hand store that was incomplete and missing pieces. That magic kit was the key to revealing a passion and natural talent that would later become a life-long career, transforming Kenrick into  “ICE McDonald.” On July 22, 2018, Master Magician Kenrick “Ice” McDonald was voted as the newest member of The Society of American Magicians’ National Magic Hall of Fame

Artist, photography professor and Pennsylvania native, Donald Eugene Camp served in the United States Air Force until 972.  Camp was a photographer for the Philadelphia Evening and Sunday Bulletin and received a B.F.A. and M.F.A. degree   both from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia PA.  Camp was hired as an artist-in-residence and assistant professor of photography at Ursinus College. Camp started exhibiting his art in 1982 and solo exhibitions in 1989. His ongoing photographic series, Dust Shaped Hearts, began in 1990. Camp’s artwork has been exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Institute for Contemporary Art. Camp has been honored for his work with a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship.

Kenrick Ice McDonald

Donald Camp

 Illusionist Phillip Anthony discovered magic at the age of 9 when his dad bought him his first Magic kit. Being a smart kid and loving to read and invent, he pick up on the tricks pretty quickly. Encouraged by his family to keep practicing, Phillip’s love for Magic blossomed when he entertained a sick kid. He loved the joy it brought him and a Magician was born. Phillip majored in Theater at  GSU and  now he performs, directs, build and produces Magical Stage Productions. From 2010- now, Phillip Anthony tours throughout the South with Strange MAGIC, a series of amazing, bizarre and whimsical stage productions. Phillip was also the featured Magician for Illuminate Fest, Century 21 Summer Series and the Jack & Jill Foundation.

“Like A Star twinkling in the night,  my magic will mystify and delight”

As a child,  A’Star remembers spending hours watching recordings of Mark Wilson and the Magic Land of Allakazam. She got her start with magic when her daughter was 4 years old.  A’Star wanted to have something special at her daughter’s birthday and decided it would be magic. She went to the Cuckoo’s Nest, a magic shop in Pittsburgh and purchased 8  magic tricks. She got busy practicing them and was able to perform them quite well. Being a wife, mother, full time employee and part time student, left no room to continue her magical endeavors. After many years of being away from magic, she’s back... A’Star enjoys all aspects of the craft. She’s performed at private parties, schools, parks, fairs, libraries, etc. A’Star had the thrill of her magic career when she visited the Magic Castle for several days in 2019. Not only did she get to see some terrific magic, surprisingly, she also got to meet Mark Wilson and  his wife, Nani Darnell. 

Phillip Anthony

Vickie "AStar" Bey

Rory Rennick. a native of Columbus, Ohio, has performed for thousands at corporations, schools, universities,   comedy clubs, casinos, churches, libraries, restaurants and community events in almost every venue from the East Coast to California. He was the  first magician to regularly host his own family show at the National Funny       Bone Comedy Club & Restaurants in Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, and Liberty Township Ohio and Newport, KY.


 Rory was on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. He is the authority on escaped slave turned magician Henry “Box” Brown.

Ran'D is the face of the new millennium magician. He wowed audiences with his brilliant presentation at the 44th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C as well as Capetown, South Africa. As one of the most sought after college performers he has also captured the imaginations of audiences from Hollywood to New York City for more than a decade.

 Behind the scenes he has succeeded at wearing many hats. As a producer he has worked on such shows as "Collaboration", "Parallax" with fellow magician Francis Menotti, and most notably "Heart & Soul of Magic", a tour that featured a first ever collective of African American magicians from around the nation.

Rory Rennick

Randy Shine

New Jersey native Kevin Bethea is a professional magician/Illusionist with over 25 years of experience! Kevin is one of the most sought after corporate entertainers in the country. He became interested in magic at the young age of seven when he first saw a movie about his soon-to-be childhood idol, Harry Houdini.After exposure to sleight of hand, The “magic bug” had bitten him for good. Kevin regularly performs his close-up miracles at the world famous “Monday Night Magic”, New York’s longest running off-Broadway magic show. He has also made appearances in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and is a featured performer at prestigious national Magic conventions.

Wayne “Warlock"  Watson, Indiana native and Harold Washington College alum, is a Magician and entertainer. His reputation precedes him, as he is humble and well represents the fellowship of Magic . As the I.A.B.M.A. 2020 Summit Ambassador. Warlock’s commitment, advocacy and support of the organization and the members is  front and center in his posts, videos and overall commitment to promote the brotherhood.


Wayne "Warlock" Watson, Ambassador

Kevin Bethea

Our Photographer

Michael Vincent

Internationally renowned magician Michael Vincent has been named Best Close-Up Magician three times by the UK’s Magic Circle, 3 times in three consecutive decades; 1983, 1991 and 2003, and was awarded the title of International Magician of the Year in 1993. His performances have been featured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California, celebrity parties, international casinos and high end corporate events. With drive, passion and dedication, his stylish and sophisticated performances take sleight of hand magic to a new level of artistic, authentic self-expression.

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